Each masterpiece is a complete experience. From its first reveal, to your first inquiry.

Like any masterpiece, it’s carefully curated. This is art that brings you into the tapestry. It’s an investment and an experience like no other.
Frame module (Frame, Fork, Seatpost, Stem, Bar) CHF 10000. // EUR 10000. // USD 10000.

There are three ways to own a Masterpiece:

  • Visit our global headquarters in Grenchen, Switzerland. You`ll enjoy a VIP Tour, a bike sizing process and componentry consultation as well as a test ride on a Roadmachine Masterpiece with one of our staff members.
    Alternatively visit our North American Office in Scotts Valley, California for full consultancy by our educated staff, a Roadmachine test ride and an on demand bike fit.
    Once your order has been placed, whether for a frame or a complete bike, our Masterpiece service team will stay in touch regarding delivery date, shipping method, and final assembly.
    Please note, that a fee of CHF 250 // EUR 250 // USD 250 will need to be paid in order to secure your appointment. This will then be taken off your overall Masterpiece cost.

  • Visit one of our Masterpiece showroom retail locations: AR Cycling AG in Pfäffikon, Bike Concept SA Ciclissimo in Geneva or BMC Seoul Store in Seoul. There you can see a Masterpiece frame in person, test ride a BMC Roadmachine, and establish your sizing and equipment needs before placing your order.

  • Pay a visit to any authorized BMC dealer. They will help you establish your sizing needs, discuss equipment options, and help facilitate your order with BMC. Your Masterpiece frame module will be shipped to your local retailer, and they will assist with the build process.

Ride a Masterpiece.

If you would like to visit us at our global headquarters in Grenchen, Switzerland or our North American office in Scotts Valley, California; then please request an appointment below.

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